What is it?

Minecraft is the best selling video game of all time. It is an open world sandbox game where you can do whatever you wan to do. 

The Game play

It is 3d game you can move in all directions. It is open world you can go anywhere you want in the infinite world that generates. It uses pixel art graphics, by default it is 16x16. It is a sandbox game, you can break any block, if you use the right tool you can get the block most times, and you can craft new items, and build amazing structures.


My Verdict

I love this game, I've played for over 8 years now. The price ranges from $6.99 on mobile to $26.99 on Windows 10, Mac OS, and Linux, to $30 to $50, depending on what bundle you get, on consoles.I think it was definitely worth it, I didn't pay the $30, because I could update from the  old console version which was $20 on Xbox 360, plus a $5 upgrade to Xbox one.